kokiden (kokiden) wrote,

So excited

My friend chided me for not updating more. I actually have wanted to update, but I could never decide what to talk about (before I got distracted with something else). That's always the case; it's hard for me to think long enough to actually get something done sometimes! Things flit in and out of my head. Distractible is what I am.

But today I have something! I went to Japan Town to pick up ab's and my Reijin subscription, and I found volume three of Songs of Self Abuse! I'm just so excited!

It's a little early, in the sense that the scanlation of volume two is still under way and proceeding rather slowly. But I was just so happy to put my hand on it! And buy it. Of course I bought it.

So now I have a ton of reading, between Reijin, Self-Abuse, and the volumes I bought for another scanlator friend. Fun fun fun!

In other news, work has kept me very busy. It's been a challenge to continue translating, as I've been coming home physically and mentally wiped out. I did finish a chapter of Ouji ga Aishita Spy (the sequel to Breakfast Club), which we are doing as a joint with another group, and I'm working my way through Chapter 4 of Self Abuse II. I did one big chunk of text this morning. But the panel and two big chunks :D SO I didn't even complete a panel in the two or three hours I worked. Haha. That's Self Abuse for you.

Those of you who care have by now figured out that translation is complete on Breakfast Club! Otherwise I wouldn't be translating Ouji ga Aishita Spy. Well, if you didn't figure it out, and I haven't said it before, I'm saying it now. We're just slowly getting through the typesetting and proofing on the remainder of Breakfast Club. Some really great chapters are coming up.
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