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New Series: I Really Love You by Aruku

Hello all! It's been over a month since I've made a release. This time, it's with my beloved weiberregiment . She and I make beautiful babies together!

The story is Hontou wa Suki Da (I Really Love You) by Aruku. You can get it at weiberregiment 's journal or here

I've been a fan of Aruku's since back when she was called Harubaru Aruku, and I read the short story Kimi wa Maichigatteiru. I was so struck by that story, I've longed to read more, and here I am working on one of hers! I hope you enjoy it as well.

est em and Takaido Akemi lovers!

Hey, I just thought I'd let you all know that Nakama is releasing a couple of projects I've been working on by est em and Takaido Akemi.

The est em project is called Yagate Ao ni Naru (Here Comes the Blues), and it's complete.
The Takaido Akemi is called Ouji ga Aishita Spy (The Prince Who Loved a Spy), and it's the sequel to the Breakfast Club! It's really a fun romp, so check it out. The first two chapters have been released.


Typesetter needed for Otoko Mekake

Hi everyone. I hope everybody enjoyed the end of Dear Brother. Somehow, I felt it was satisfying and made up for all the teasing. Now we need to get Matsuo-sensei to have some real action in the Paul & Jonathan story.

I'm posting, because we lost our typesetter to real life! Yes! Alas! Our dearest Gizmo got a new job and moved to a new city and somehow she couldn't juggle that AND continue typesetting Otoko Mekake! How's that for some news? I wish her well and thank her for her wonderful contribution.

So if you know of anyone who'd like to do the cleaning and typesetting for the remainder of Otoko Mekake (I think there are four chapters left), have them give me a holler!

Happy Birthday Toshirodragon!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and I wish you a prosperous year ahead!

toshirodragon scanned The Rules of Love and Otoko Mekake as well as the latest Paul and Jonathan chapter, so she deserves many birthday wishes!

Dear Brother Final Chapters Released!

Hi all! I tried to post the links earlier but failed out of utter incompetence. So go on over and pick the chapters up over at weiberregiment's journal!

Hello, everyone. Sorry it's been so long! If you ask nanantingki and kapuki234, they'd tell you it's been ready for over a week. So don't ask them, and I'll appear to be an upright and responsible human being. Thanks to them for their QC and editing (Nana) and typesetting (kapuki), and thanks to toshirodragon for scanning!

I hope you all like the chapter. Here's the link:


In other news, the new OPERA is finally out, and a copy will soon be winging its way to toshirodragon, who's graciously accepted the scanning gig for this chapter! Yay! I mean the newest chapter of the Paul and Jonathan series! That one! OMG!!! Excitement.
I'm baaack! Sooner than I thought! Look what I have for you! Chapter 1 of Mizukami Shin's Otoko Mekake, which we're calling Male Mistress. Thank you so much to kapuki234, our cleaner and typesetter, and nanantingki, our proofreader and quality checker. toshirodragon made the gorgeous scans, so thank the gods for her!

It's good clean smut time, so dig in!


Sorry! I got kapuki234's name wrong the first time out. Sincerest apologies! *bow*

Rules of Love Chapter 5 and Extra

Well, we've finally arrived. The team has completed Rules of Love by our beloved Akemi Takaido. I sure hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as the team who's worked on it has. Thank you for reading our work, and I hope you continue to follow and enjoy our releases!


We should be releasing the first chapter of Otoko Mekake soon, so stay tuned!

Jive Journal Entry

I started the morning wanting to make a post, but I got totally distracted. My train of thought.
1. Oh I had a weird dream. Let me blog about it.
2. Hey, my calendar is from 2013. I need a new calendar.
3. What if there were such a thing as a yaoi calendar? I'm going to mention that in my blog.
4. But first, let me google "yaoi calendars."
5. What? There is such a thing? BUt these ones at cafe press are all super-dumb. Let me try ebay.
6. OMG drool, I want this! Oh look a Hetalia trading card. Francine would like this Italy one. Do they have Japan? They do? Oh okay let me put that in my basket too.
7. Oh the scanlation team I'm working with would like this. Let me write them and find out if they want me to buy it for them.
8. There's another one!
9. And another one!
10. They wouldn't do this one, but I would, so let me put it in my basket.
11. And of course I check baka updates every time to see if it's being scanlated already.
12. Except with all the secrecy these days, baka updates doesn't always list it, and no one has a website listed anymore.
13. One of the groups I want to ask if they're planning to scanlate one of my faves has closed membership until February, so I can't even find out if they're gonna do this one. Boo!
14. My scanlation colleague wants to chat on Skype.
15. I forgot my Skype password.
16. Waiting to hear back from Skype.
17. I'm signed in finally, but the only one on is someone I don't want to talk to, but I talk to her anyway.
18. Finally talk to my colleague. She doesn't seem thrilled with all my suggestions. BOO!
19. My daughter wants me to take her to the mall, because she has to shop for a last minute surprise party that is happening today whenever they get to the honoree's house.
20. Back from the mall. Now what was I going to do today? Oh yeah, make a blog post.

Seriously. Can anyone doubt that I have A.D.D.?

And now I'm a real crap mood. I feel like such a completely useless piece of shit. I need to work on cleaning my house to get ready for the cleaners (seriously, I have to put stuff away that they would have no clue what to do with so they can focus on their job). But I don't wanna.

I know this isn't positive thinking or anything. I'm wallowing.

Ah shit! I almost closed the post without relating the dream.

I'm on a trip to Germany. It's a one-day trip under the auspices of a professor or teacher, a man who I really respect. He wears glasses, has dark hair, is thin and not particularly tall. He has a philosophy of life that he explains to me and his other students, and we're going to Germany to see some real first-hand evidence of his philosophy. But it's only for one day!

WE get off the plane, and we go to this plaza with a huge, monumental building. OUr goal is this particular museum or library. I get on this miniature bike and ride to the museum. I have to go over rocks, through mud, and I never fall off my bike. This is a miracle, because in real life I'm a total klutz and either fall off the bike or get too nervous to ride if there are gravel, rocks or sand. But I ride effortlessly, even up and down stairs! I jump my bike up stairs!

I am standing listening to my mentor, and he is explaining his philosophy, and I am truly getting it, and I want him to know I'm getting it. I give him a hug, but he seems unmoved. He doesn't realize how much he has moved me or that I completely understand what he is saying.

The session is over, and I have to get back to the plaza with the monumental building, where the bus awaits to take my group back to the airport. I can't remember if I'm in Stuttgart or Mannheim. Stuttgart seems wrong, because I thought Stuttgart was a commercial city, not a center of culture, but Mannheim doesn't seem right either (Is Mannheim even a city in Germany?). I get a little lost, but I make it back in time to meet my classmates and get on the bus.

Now how's that for a dream?

Mentor/admired older man
Quest for knowledge
Successful bike ride through difficult terrain

Analysis: The professor is my father figure. I absorb everything he tells me, but he isn't able to understand me, he doesn't connect to me or my experience at all. My actual father was exactly like this! So in my dream, I'm reiterating the pattern of seeking acknowledgment from my father and not getting it.

Quest for knowledge in a foreign land: Hmmm not sure. My whole life? LOL

Bike ride: I think this is the amazing, positive part of the dream. Relating it back to the father figure, it's as if I'm telling myself "Sure, you can't get yoru father to acknowledge you, but look at what you've accomplished in the mean time! You've made this great achievement while seeking both approval and knowledge, so have more confidence in yourself!"

Great dream. SO why do I feel so lousy today?

Positive Change 55--How to Serve Others

1. 3 gratitudes--list three new things that you're grateful for each day.
2. Journaling--write about one positive thing that happened in the past 24 hours each day
3. Exercise
4. Meditation--teaches you to focus on the task at hand, to be in the now
5. Random acts of kindness--perform one each day

Hello everyone. Such a mix of thoughts and feelings today. I'm so hungry, and seeing those chocalate chip cookies on the main Live Journal page is just torture. Luckily, it's almost lunch time!

I've really been having some bad days the past few weeks. I've rediscovered that chanting Nam Myou Hou Renge Kyou tends to lift those bad feelings and put me back in the realm of feeling empowered and positive. I'm really going to avoid wringing my hands over why I have to rediscover these things, but I'm sorely tempted. One thought is that in the late fall, I wasn't feeling that my chanting was doing as much for me, so I think it can be good to take a break in order to refresh one's perspective. I was probably doing something to keep it from being effective that I wasn't aware (enough) of.

I was thinking, too, that I have been getting little messages from the universe that making these posts is probably a better way of serving people than doing scanlation. I really feel uplifted by the possibility that by talking about my own efforts toward positive change, I can spur and encourage others to seek out the best in themselves and avoid getting mired in despair and self-doubt (which are things I am prone to, not really talking about other people there really!).

I do think that scanlation is a wonderful offering that gives people joy, too, however. I think I'll talk about that more in another post, as this one is already getting TOO LONG!

Three gratitudes
1. I'm grateful for Wendy's Artisan Egg Sandwich. THey're really delicious.
2. I'm grateful for the opportunity to talk with others and speak honestly about life. That includes Live Journal friends, my daughter, colleagues, real life friends...anyone.
3. I'm grateful for opportunities in the new year to forge ahead with life and new plans.

A good thing happened: I tidied up a bunch of stuff in my house as part of a program to improve my living environment.

Acts of kindness: I really need some encouragement to do these! I did do one recently, but I really can't remember what it was. It was a nice one too, in that it was easy to do without drawing attention to myself. Well, one thing I did was spearhead my family's New Year's Day gathering. That felt awfully nice, because it meant generating a small amount of happiness for about ten people (unfortunately it generated quite a bit of unhappiness for one person, but that's due to his own nature, poor guy).

That's it for now! I'll try to write more about scanlation in a day or two. That will be a fun topic.